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I came to Sweden in 1991 not knowing any one one at all.I survived by eating rice and beans,sharing a room with 8 more Kenyans,humilated on several occasions when i was looking for jobs around Stockholm,was deported to Germany sometime in 1991,i had only 50 dollars in my pocket.The police took me to Hamburg police station and asked me if i had some money,i said yes and they told me to go to Hamburg that i was free..that was around 2200 hrs,i boarded a train to Hamburg with my 50 dollars and paid 20 dollars on the train.I arrived in Hamburg not knowing any one at all….i stopped about 10 Africans asking them if they knew any Kenyans that would help me..fortunately i bumped into a Kenyan whose parents had travelled to Kenya,but could not trust me,so he decided to help me by taking me to a cheap lodge that i paid my remaining 30 dollars including breakfast.Dont forget i had my bags full of my clothes and speakers that i had bought while i were in Sweden.I spent that night in my lodge wondering what i would do the next morning…i never slept well but at least i had some sleep…the next morning..i started my walking around Hamburg city try to get some help from any black brother that i met on the streets but all in vain…had eaten nothing the whole day apart from drinking water.At around 2100 hrs that evening,i bumped to an African brother from Nigeria by the nick name baby face…i asked him for help.. he agreed to offer but warned me that he deals in drugs and i should be very carefull not to tell anyone..he removed some sachets from his mouth just to prove to me that he was serious..i swore to my God not to mention to any one..i was so desperate that i would not mention anything at all.We boarded the train not knowing where i was going and stopped to the next stop..alighted thinking that that was where he lived but i was wrong..that was where he was hiding his i understood later…he used to change the locations every day just in case he was being followed..We took another train around 2300 hrs and got off where he lived…my God it was such a tiny filthy room..but what do i say..i was geting help.He made some food and we went to bed..he adviced me what to do the next morning…to declare myself as a refugee so that i could get help,i did,he adviced me to leave my passport and other goods so that i could pick them later…he gave me 100 dollars before i left Hamburg for the camp..after one week he came to visit me at the camp which i really appreciated.After one month of my stay at the camp,i decided to go and visit my friend Baby face as well as picking my passport and goods in Hamburg…baby face was missing…i knocked at the door and the room was empty baby face had taken my clothes,passport and speakers…..butdoisay continues… ..*next edition..Find out how Clay ended up in Sweden*

True story:by Clay Onyango Sweden

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Sorry Clay…am still following the story..i hope you are better now after a long struggle..nice blog….butdoisay!!!

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