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We lived in a small town called Itzehoe in Germany, with a friend of mine from Angola and we got a job there…..washing cow hooves,burn the skin with fire,and then remove the skin,wash them and cut them into pieces because they were being sold in kilos in a market to Africans living in Germany.We would cut like 500 hooves,without eating or drinking anything.We would work like 8 hours a day 6 days a week with a salary of 100 dollars a month,we would walk for two hours beside the road…not forgeting the abuse we would receive from the German drivers…SWARTZNEGGER…at least after every 3 cars you would hear swartznegger……meaning a black Negro…butdoisay!!!!So one day we decided to go and enjoy our salary in a nearby pub….we opened the was full of Germans..and my Friend decided to offer the first drink..he removed the cash..10 deutch marks and ordered…can you believe this?? The bartender shouted to us..ONLY FOR GERMANS!!! and she refused to take our cash…the germans in the pub started laughing loudly repeating…ONLY FOR GERMANS…as we left embarrassed and heart broken….butdoisay….

True story:by Clay Onyango Sweden


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